Bite Plate

What is a Bite plate?

It looks like a retainer with thick acrylic. It helps in improving deep bites. Deep bite is an indication of smaller lower jaw.

How does a Bite plate work?

The bite plate is worn in the upper arch. There is thick acrylic on the upper where the lower front teeth meet. This gives clearance for the lower back teeth to move up in the vertical plane. As the back teeth erupt more, this helps to open the deep bite in the front. If severe deep bite is left untreated, there will be abnormal wear of the lower front teeth and the lower jaw may be restricted from growing due to the mechanical interference of the upper teeth.

Why is the Orthodontist recommending the Bite plate?

We recommend Bite plate in cases of severe deep bite, small lower jaw that is being restricted to grow normally and where lower teeth are getting excessive wear due severe overlap.

How long is the Bite plate worn?

About 12-18 months, based on progress achieved.

Will I need braces along with the Bite Plate?

This is very case dependent.

Will I need a full set of braces in the future?

More than likely yes.