Gina Alvarado

Sterilization Technician


Although I’m fairly new to Sing Orthodontics, my life has changed so fast and I love it! I’m currently working in sterilization, making sure everything we use is clean and tidy, as well as getting my training on to soon become a clinician. I love EVERYONE I work with, they take me under their wing and teach me new things every day. And as for Dr. Singh who has me lost for words, on trying to describe how amazing she is, has the most sincere soul, selfless personality and just has this thrive for life and her patients! This is my first time being in the orthodontic field, and so far it’s amazed me as I’ve learned so much and most of all I love connecting with patients! When I’m not working, you can find me outside playing with my hyper dog, spending time with family and working out with Camp Gladiator!