Sing 15

The Rules At Sing: How we Take Care of Patients and do Business

Sing 15

Get 2 Extra Retainers

Show this at your appointment to get 2 extra retainers when you start treatment.

At Sing, patients always come first; everything else follows. The patient is the hero, not the Drs. Or the team. The Drs. And the Team will guide the patient to success. Success for the patient= success for the team!

THE ANSWER AT SING IS ALWAYS “YES,” NOW, WHAT IS THE QUESTION? We make unusual requests seem normal: appointments at unusual times, special needs patients; you name it. We will do our best to make it happen!

Great patient care and service are the goals. Other issues are both derivative and secondary. We earn our reputation every day, one patient at a time!
If you are not satisfied with your orthodontic results and have done your part, we will keep working with you until you are happy. At no extra charge.

Orthodonic treatment and developing a beautiful smile are specialized care functions and you want AN EXPERIENCED SPECIALIST. Sing is among the top 1% of clear aligner providers in the world. Not all orthodontic offices are the same. Experience counts. We have done thousands of orthodontic cases of every type and description!

We have invested heavily in technology to improve care, communication and speed to completion. Still, In everything, the human touch, at Sing, is paramount. high tech and high touch.
Team members and Drs, are constantly training at Sing. Lifelong learners thrive here, as do Sign’s patients, from new techniques learned.
Orthodontics is a team “sport.” Everyone at Sing, including the patient, works together in pursuit of the perfect smile and the perfect experience.

Families with multiple children are very welcome at Sing! We back this up with our pricing and scheduling. We want to treat all of your children by earning your trust. 

What you pay at Sing will always be less than the value you receive. This, we guarantee.

At Sing, there is no “800” number or impersonal call center. All our patients can reach our doctors and our CEO on their personal cell phones, if needed. There is always a clinical team member on call when the unexpected happens. (But you can also ALWAYS communicate with us via 2 way text!)

Parents are always welcome in our clinical area. Actually, we request it and appreciate it. When that isn’t possible, we will send a written report.

Sing will always communicate with your general dentist and with your other specialists. Great oral health care gets even better with a team of doctors involved.

We are always looking to share our good fortune with important causes in the communities that we serve. We welcome your suggestions!

While perfection is always our goal, we are imperfect. If we make a mistake, let us know and will fix it with a smile!