Case Studies

Smiles transformed. Confidence created.

Phase I

Age 7-11

Harper’s Story

Harper arrived at our office at the young age of six years old. Harper’s pediatric dentist requested that she see Dr. Singh to address her underbite. Dr. Singh developed a treatment plan that Harper would start immediately using an expander and an appliance called a facemask, which would pull her upper jaw in a forward direction utilizing her growth and development. After just shy of 15 months, Harper finally had a comfortable and healthy bite.  


Kayelin’s Story

Kayelin came to us at the age of seven after her cautious dentist wanted her to have a checkup. During Kayelin’s first visit, Dr. Singh discovered that Kayelin did not have enough room in her mouth for all of her big beautiful adult teeth. Over the next 15 months with amazing combined teamwork, the expander and upper lower four braces, the space was created and her front teeth were all straightened up. 


Matthew’s Story

At age eight, Matthew’s parents were concerned because he was unable to bite down fully. This was making it difficult to eat, to chew and tear food. He suffered from crowding on both his top and bottom teeth.

Dr. Singh’s primary goal was to create a functional mouth while awaiting the eruption of his adult teeth.

In two years, Matthew’s crowding was corrected as well as his “open bite” that had previously kept him from chewing food. His parents were happy to have a child that could finally enjoy food again and Matthew was happy to have a better looking smile.

Phase II

Age 12-17

Vinay’s Story

Vinay’s parents were concerned that he his tongue was in the way of his swallowing.  Dr. Singh identified that Vinay wasn’t able to close his jaw fully and also suffered from “crossbite” but had a solution to help him swallow better.

Using traditional braces and elastics, Vinay was done with his braces in under two years. The final outcome was a jaw that closed fully, and wide enough so that there was room for Vinay’s tongue so that he could swallow more properly. Aesthetically, his smile is now semetrical and both he and his parents are full of joy!


Daniel’s Story

Daniel visited us a young teen and believed that braces were his only option. To Daniel’s surprise, he quickly learned that he was a perfect candidate for Invisalign®. His Invisalign® treatment was fast and easy, he says. We were able to treat all his dental conditions with Invisalign® in a short period of time.  


Morgan’s Story

Morgan came to us as an outgoing middle schooler, who wanted a pretty smile before high school! Her main concerns were her high tooth and uncomfortable bite. Dr. Singh and Morgan worked tirelessly to engineer her beautiful smile with traditional braces in only a little over a year! Morgan left our office so confident to enter high school with her beautiful new smile!


Phase III

Age 18+

Orlando’s Story

Orlando had spent the majority of his life hiding his smile because of his gap. He decided his gap would no longer hold him back and so he decided to pursue orthodontic treatment. Dr. Singh worked diligently with Orlando to give him the beautiful smile he had always desired. Now all that Orlando does is grin cheek to cheek!


Frederick’s Story

Fredrick came to us because he was unhappy with the unpleasant gap in his smile. He was not not looking forward to going into traditional braces as an adult and sought us out for alternative treatments. After meeting with our team and Dr. Singh, Invisalign® was a perfect option for Frederick.

Dr. Singh was able to close Fredrick’s lower spacing with Invisalign® while widening and eliminating the crowding on his top teeth.


Stacy’s Story

Stacy has always been a beautiful woman, but she just felt uncomfortable with her lower front teeth. Stacy did not want braces at her age and she had been told she couldn’t do Invisalign® with the amount of crowding she had. Dr. Singh had other plans and guaranteed Stacy that with a 22-hour-a-day commitment she would get that gorgeous smile she was looking for. Just shy of 15 months later, Stacy had her smile and she could not be happier!


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