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Faster. Clear. Affordable.

Get the smile you (and your teen) have always wanted, without anyone even noticing. When you choose Sing Orthodontics you’re choosing faster treatment times and an affordable price with one of the top Invisalign® providers in the country.

How is Invisalign® Better Than Traditional Braces?

Better oral hygiene
Patients are able to clean their teeth easier and better than with traditional braces. This means no spots or stains in hard to reach places once the braces come off.

Zero Food Restrictions
Patients can eat what they prefer, no need to avoid your favorite foods.

Less missed school & work
Patients are only required to visit the office for checkups every 10 weeks instead of every 4, saving both time and money.

The best part? The trays are clear, making the orthodontic treatment discreet.

How it works.

Step 1:
A free Sing Orthodontics Invisalign® consultation is recommended for both teens and adults.

Step 2:
Receive an instant digital scan and avoid uncomfortable impression trays. High-tech imaging software is used to map our patients’ treatment process and create aligner trays.

Step 3:
Receive a customized treatment plan that has been developed by Dr. Singh and a team of Invisalign® specialists. Patients can expect to receive their Invisalign® trays within five weeks. Let the transformation begin.

One of the top 5 Invisalign providers in the USA!

View Real Patient Cases Before & After Invisalign®

Did you know, Dr. Singh was the 10th Invisalign® patient ever?

Our orthodontist has been using and learning about Invisalign® since it was being tested in its initial days! She is a firm believer that as an orthodontist she should be familiar with the experience she’s offering to her patients.

Invisalign® was more comfortable than braces. Now that I’m in tumbling I couldn’t imagine having to worry about being poked and having braces in my mouth.”

– Ava

Invisalign® is so much more comfortable. My friends complain about braces but Invisalign® is so much easier!”

– Matt

If you’ve been wondering if Invisalign® is right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation.

We provide free second opinion appointments as well!