Dr. Yashu Singh



I graduated from King George Medical College in India with my Dental degree. Soon thereafter, I moved to the USA and attended the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. I graduated with a DDS degree from their Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry—you can say that I excelled in getting dual dental degrees!

I practiced general dentistry for three years in the Bay area, and during that time I realized my true passion is in the field of Orthodontics. I went back to school for Orthodontic residency in Pittsburgh, PA.

I’m a perpetual student—I enjoy challenges, creativity, and implementing new and proven technologies to advance the science and art of Orthodontics to achieve spectacular smiles. In fact, I usually try a product or technique on myself before I implement it on a large scale with my patients.

My treatment philosophy isn’t just about your teeth; my goals are equally focused on the effects that your teeth have on your lips, chin, and face. Those results are just as important to me as they are to you as a patient.

Now that Austin is home for my family, it’s no secret that I’m always smiling both in and out of the office. Between creating smiles and enjoying everything that this life has to offer, I get to do what I love all of the time!