1. MYTH: Invisalign® is just for adults. Invisalign® is perfect for kids and teens. While adults love Invisalign® because it is an aesthetic and discreet way to correct their teeth, parents love Invisalign® because their child’s hygiene is 100x better. There are no wires or brackets to clean in between. Plus, the kids can take their trays out to eat. And think about picture day! Beautiful kids smiling instead of dingy metal brackets. Kid’s confidence improves because they are not in braces and no one at school can tell they are fixing their teeth.

2. MYTH: Braces work better than Invisalign®. We devote ourselves to learning the technique of Invisalign®, and because of that reason we are able to treat the most complex of cases with Invisalign®. Also, braces take on average six months longer to treat the same conditions as Invisalign® because the orthodontist is not able to reverse engineer the teeth with braces in the same efficient ways as with Invisalign®. Bottom Line: If braces can fix it, we can fix it with Invisalign®.

3. MYTH: Invisalign® is more expensive than braces. Every office is different in terms of how much they charge. Standard braces cost $4,000-$6,000. At our office, Invisalign® costs the same as braces. Now, not all Invisalign® providers can do this. Why? Because the volume of Invisalign® produced by your office changes how expensive it is for the office to provide the Invisalign® to you. We produce more Invisalign® than 99% of the providers in the country. That means we pass the saving down to our patients. Choosing Sing means getting Invisalign® for $4,000-$6,000, too.

4. MYTH: Invisalign® doesn’t work. Not all Invisalign® providers are created equal! Because Invisalign® is a relatively new technique, many dentists and orthodontists are still working to perfect their skills. That means, a complicated case done with Invisalign® by a doctor whose skills aren’t quite there yet, can lead to unsatisfactory results. Invisalign® absolutely works for simple and complex cases. You must do your due diligence in choosing an experienced and reputable Invisalign® provider.