Having crooked or overcrowded teeth can cause a number of problems, including pain, difficulty chewing, and speech difficulties. It can also impact your confidence and self-esteem.

But long gone are the days when fixing crooked teeth requires an obvious mouthful of metal. In fact, over 4 million Americans wear braces and a quarter of those are adults!

If you have crooked or crowded teeth and are looking to get them fixed, Invisalign treatment is a great option. If you’ve ever done an internet search for, “Invisalign near me,” read on to discover more!

How Do Braces Work?

Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets that are glued to each tooth and connected to a wire. This wire is then adjusted to use pressure in order to shift the teeth into position. Depending on your specific needs, an orthodontist will create a plan and make the necessary changes at each appointment until you achieve the desired end result.

However, technology has advanced to give patients more options that don’t require so much hardware. An increasingly popular option is to use alignment trays that can be removed when necessary. Invisalign is one such option that is widely available.

Invisalign is an effective treatment for many dental conditions that used to require braces. Instead of metal, an orthodontist will use a series of specially created trays made to fit your teeth. These will be switched out as your teeth shift, eventually creating an even, beautiful smile.

Conditions Invisalign Treats

Getting orthodontics isn’t just about your physical appearance. There are a number of health issues that can arise when you have dental issues. These include a higher risk of gum disease, difficulties keeping teeth clean, and experiencing uneven wear and tear on your teeth that require expensive dental care.

There are many conditions that can be effectively treated with Invisalign. These include tooth gaps, over-crowding, and even overbites, among others. While some of these issues are teeth-related, you also have to take into consideration your jaw and how it’s impacting your tooth and bite placement.

The best Invisalign treatment will take both these needs into consideration when creating a plan and trays for you. You truly get a customized approach with Invisalign!

How Long Will Invisalign Treatment Take?

There is no quick, easy answer for how long you can expect to use Invisalign. That will depend on many factors, including the amount of work needing to be done.

For example, a patient with a significant overbite and major tooth gaps will need more time to gradually shift both teeth and jaws. This is a slow process and will inevitably take more time than someone with minor crowding.

The other factor to consider is your own commitment to Invisalign. You’re able to take out your aligners for a small amount of time each day (usually no more than two hours a day). But if you’re inconsistent or neglect to wear your alignment trays, things will move more slowly.

In general, you can expect Invisalign treatment to take anywhere between six months for minor fixes to even two years for more significant issues. You can also anticipate between 25 and 40 different trays. Again, these numbers are depending on your specific situation and needs.

The basic steps to Invisalign treatment are:

1. Get a Free Consultation

Your first step to achieving a better smile is to schedule a free consultation, either in person or virtually. There, you can discuss possibilities and next steps with your orthodontist.

Make sure you choose a reputable provider for your Invisalign consultation. There, they can examine your teeth and give you some initial ideas of treatment length, price, and potential results.

2. Complete an Instant Scan

When you’re ready to move forward with your Invisalign treatment, the first step will be to create a map of your teeth. Your provider will then see what teeth need to be moved and where.

But instead of old-fashioned impression trays, you’ll receive a quick digital scan. Your orthodontist will use this scan to create an individual treatment plan and track progress throughout your treatment.

3. Receive a Treatment Plan

Once your scan is done and your treatment plan has been created, you’ll receive your customized aligner trays. Be sure to follow all the requirements in regards to cleaning, the amount of time you’ll need to wear your Invisalign trays, and any follow-up appointments.

Congrats! Your smile transformation is underway.

Benefits of Invisalign

One of the most significant Invisalign benefits is that your orthodontist will be able to look at your specific needs and create a customized plan to help you achieve the smile you desire. It also removes the need for long, lengthy orthodontist appointments with painful adjustments.

For adults using Invisalign, there are fewer time-intensive appointments and adjustments. This makes it easier to continue your effective treatment without missing important work commitments and time spent with friends and families.

Invisalign is also more comfortable than traditional metal braces. It replaces any metal brackets and wires that can cut the inside of your mouth. They’re also removable, which means you can take a break for a celebration or special organization.

For many, you’ll be glad that there no food restrictions with Invisalign, since there is less risk for sticky candy or food getting stuck. Instead, you can remove your trays to enjoy a treat and replace them when finished.

Finally, Invisalign isn’t as obvious as metal braces. Because the alignment trays are clear, many people won’t even notice you’re wearing them throughout the day. They won’t interfere with your ability to eat, speak, or practice dental hygiene.

Find an Invisalign Provider Today

Are you ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted? If so, try searching for “Invisalign providers near me” or “Invisalign near me” on Google to see which orthodontists offer this product. It can help you straighten teeth, address dental issues, and boost your self-confidence.

If you’re looking to start Invisalign treatment, we would love to help you get started. Contact us today for a free consultation!