Everybody wants to start the new year feeling happy, healthy, and refreshed. The top New Year’s resolutions among Americans for 2020 include exercising more, eating a healthier diet, losing weight, and actually fulfilling the resolution we set to achieve. While these are all great goals to ring in the new year, they are often hard to keep up with and are not exactly time friendly.  

If you’re unhappy with your natural teeth, a great way to update your appearance is to update your smile! A smile makeover, no matter your age, is the most effective, long term New Year’s resolution. Forget the hassle of the gym and counting calories, there is another way to increase your self-esteem and health without the struggle.

 Invisalign or braces can give you a new smile for the new decade in no time. By setting the goal to straighten your teeth today, you will continue reaping the rewards of a dazzling smile for many new years to come. 

Invisalign and braces can help you achieve perfect teeth and give you the confidence you need to start 2020. Having straight teeth creates a series of physical health benefits that are on par with the aesthetic benefits as well. Here are 5 of the most important benefits of having straight teeth!

1) Straight teeth can improve oral health because they are easier to clean and maintain than a crowded and crooked mouth. This means fewer chances for cavities, gum disease, bad breath, mouth sores, plaque, etc. 

2) Eating is easier with straight teeth. This also gives you less chance for tooth injury and abnormal tooth wear which in return wears on the tooth enamel.

3) Often times misaligned teeth can cause headaches, neck pain, and face pain. Teeth and jaw alignment are really important to avoid excess strain on your gums or the bones that support your teeth! Wearing braces or using Invisalign clear aligners can help with this. 

4) Having a better smile improves self-esteem. Being more confident and happy has a direct effect on your everyday life. Lower stress, lower anxiety, and improved cognition are just a few aspects of your daily life that can be improved. 

5) Last but not least having clean, straight, and healthy teeth increase your overall physical health. Whether you see a dentist or orthodontist, both will agree that having less plaque can reduce major health issues such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and pneumonia. 

Self-improvement, health benefits, and finally fulfilling your New Year’s resolution! Who wouldn’t want to try out one of the various options to get yourself a transformed smile? After all, you know what everyone is saying this year…New Decade, New Smile! 

Our team offers a treatment plan that is right for every smile and various payment plans for every family. So, if you’re ready to begin your journey to a new smile, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team!