Dear Readers & Patients,

As a mother, orthodontist, entrepreneur and business owner, I often think about the issues surrounding the development of self-confidence in ALL of our patients (particularly the women and the children).

My parents told me I could do anything, as a career, where excellence and care for others were at the core. My teachers set high expectations; I was told to work hard and to follow my dreams until my efforts made the dreams reality.

These fortunate experiences built my self-confidence which is an enormously necessary ingredient for success in a highly competitive, at times adversarial world.

For a colleague and friend, it was the influence of a high school history teacher suggesting that she had the ability to be a leader. For her, that was the important tipping point. Sometimes, one person can and does have that kind of impact! These experiences gave me a strong burning desire to help all patients grow in confidence. As their confidence to become leaders grows, the leadership pool enlarges. This is what we need as a society!

Orthodontics is my career, an important one, but I see it as a means to an end: instilling confidence, every day in the two most important people at Sing Orthodontics: our patients and our team members. a “1,000 kilowatt smile” will light up a room, but a great smile paired with great self-confidence can light up the WORLD!

It is essential, I believe, for each of us to find our passion in life. For me, it is instilling the confidence in our patients and team members, that anything and everything is possible with the right mindset! “We can achieve what we believe” and all it takes is a worthy goal, confidence and persistence, until victory.

What we do at Sing is orthodontics with great care, service and love. How we do this is our “secret recipe”. We are teachers as well as clinicians. No one at Sing is “the overbite in chair 3” or “the orthodontic assistant in chair 1”. Each person has a name and a unique story. Our patients and team members are the SingHeroes. My role is to set the culture and the service standards, to treat patients to the best of my ability, to teach and to encourage.

As Maya Angelou once said: “People may quickly forget what I say; but they will not forget how I make them feel”

It is a great honor to work with children, teens, and adults. We strongly believe in the additional confidence that a beautiful, healthy smile provides. What we really live for at Sing Orthodontics, is the chance to know each of our patients, so as to be teachers, role models and mentors of life and its infinite opportunities. If we help our patients and team members become more confident, we are helping fix the world, one person at a time. That is both our vision and our goal.

Please feel free to call me, or anyone on our team with questions, suggestions or concerns.


With gratitude & love,

Yashu Singh BDS, DDS, MS

Orthodontist, founder & owner

Sing Orthodontics