More than 4.5 million Americans are using braces to achieve straighter teeth. Nearly 20 percent of those Americans are adults! 

When you are looking for a quality orthodontist, you must do more than search “adult orthodontics near me”. You have to consider several factors before you decide on a doctor to work on your teeth. 

Some of those factors include no-brainers like their experience and qualifications. Yet, other factors like compatibility and location are equally important. You want an orthodontic specialist that fits with you. 

Keep reading to learn everything you should consider before choosing an orthodontist. 

Doctor’s Qualifications

Orthodontic treatments require a high level of skill to do correctly. You want to make sure that your orthodontist has all the right qualifications to perform treatments on you. 

Before you let an orthodontist near your teeth ask for a biographical report of their experience and qualifications. Finding out where they studied, what, and when will help you decide if they are right for you. 

One sign of a good orthodontist is that they are up to date on the latest developments in their field. Finding a doctor who is keeping up with their training and courses is the best place to start looking.  


Not just anyone can set up shop as an orthodontist. The doctor needs to be licensed with a dental license and a certification from the American Board of Orthodontists. 

Without those licenses, they are unlikely to be reputable. If they can’t show you their licensing, it’s wise to choose a different orthodontist. 

Reputation and Reviews

You must find out an orthodontist’s reputation before choosing them. The best orthodontist is held in high esteem by their peers, staff, and clients. A good place to start is their reviews. 

You can use Yelp, Google, or their website to find reviews left by past clients or staff. Read through the reviews thoroughly to learn about the orthodontist’s strengths and weaknesses. 

If the orthodontist you are researching has a few positive reviews, you will want to move on. They are most likely not as skilled or competent in their industry compared to other doctors. 

Treatments That Are Offered

Technology in dentistry and orthodontics has come a long way. Most orthodontists offer many different treatment options. Yet, you should never assume that they can give you exactly what you need. 

Don’t waste your time pursuing an orthodontist that doesn’t offer what you need. If you are looking to get adult braces or Invisalign aligners, that is the first thing you should ask of them. 

Try starting your search with “Invisalign providers near me” to find the orthodontist that can give you the best treatment options. Also specifically look for “adult” orthodontists. Some only treat children or seniors. 

Additionally, you could consider investigating the technology and equipment they use. An orthodontist that uses up-to-date technology and equipment in their office can often offer more advanced treatment options. 

The Cost of Treatment

The cost of treatment is a significant factor to consider when shopping for orthodontic treatment. Things like braces and Invisalign treatment are expensive. Typically, they are thousands of dollars. 

Make sure that you can sit down with the doctor or one of their staff to discuss how much treatment will cost. Ask if they accept your insurance to see if you can get some of the costs covered. 

If it’s important to you that your insurance is compatible, make sure to find an orthodontist that is in your network. If they aren’t your insurance will not cover any costs. You will have to pay full price.

A reputable orthodontist will be happy to provide you with an itemized bill that shows everything you may have to pay for. Be wary of shockingly low prices. Their cost of treatment may be low because they lack skill or experience. 

Finding an orthodontist with average treatment prices and good ratings is best. Once you find them be sure to ask about payment plans if you don’t plan to pay your treatment off at once. 

Helpful and Friendly Staff

Helpful and friendly staff are a good sign of a great office. The right orthodontist office for you is one you feel comfortable in.

You shouldn’t fear asking questions or approaching the doctor and staff. You will be visiting their office and sometimes for long periods. It’s best that you feel safe and welcomed there.

Friendly staff also make it easier to understand procedures and your options. Professionals that are not dismissive or in a rush always make your appointments easier and more productive. 

Their Proximity to You

Searching “adult orthodontics near me” is the easiest way to find orthodontists in your area. Though, you can always be more specific with searches like “Round Rock orthodontics” or “Lakeway orthodontics”.

Finding an orthodontist near you is essential. You do not want to drive hours for each orthodontist appointment. Especially when those appointments are every month. 

Choosing an orthodontist that is within thirty minutes of your home is advisable. 

Find Adult Orthodontics Near Me

Searching for orthodontics can be a tedious task, but you’ll be glad that you considered all these factors. Your orthodontist should be experienced, qualified, reasonably priced, and friendly. 

If you are looking for “adult orthodontics near me” that checks all your boxes, you’ve come to the right place. Sing Orthodontics is located in Lakeway, Round Rock, and Sunset Valley, Texas. 

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