Hello and welcome to the YashuBlog! I hope to share with you who I am and what I do as a mother, an Orthodontist, and an entrepreneur. First, a little bit about how I got “here.”

My journey, to date, has been interesting with both many joys and trials. All have helped me to grow in ways unimaginable 25 years ago. Life started in the Holy Indian City of Benares in Uttar Pradesh, on the Ganges River. Dad is a dentist and dental school professor. Mother runs the household with superb efficiency and works to help her community. Brother in an engineer living in California with two wonderful grown daughters. Every parent’s dream!? An engineer and a doctor!

School was very important to me growing up and medical school was an option; but the family direction was dental and here I am, and loving it! As was customary, my parents were instrumental in choosing my husband after dental school in India. We moved to America where I finished my dental and orthodontic training, gave birth to two gorgeous girls, Radhika (“love for all”) and Varsha (“the cycle of rain”) and moved down separate paths.

Though I am a single mother, my husband has supported the family in every way possible. It has taken both of us to raise and teach these wonderful (now) college students: one in Los Angeles: the other in Boston. Bi-coastal!

After the end of my orthodontic training, jobs for young women orthodontists in the Austin area were hard to find. I drove back and forth to Fort Hood (84 miles one way!) and felt honored to serve the soldiers and Army families there.

One night, driving home, I fell asleep at the wheel and decided, if no one would hire me in Austin, I would open my own orthodontic office. In 2006 “Sing Orthodontics,” was born, in Round Rock, and it has been an exciting journey ever since!

Lesson 1 for me: we can achieve what we believe. No matter what!

Thank you, dear reader for allowing me to share ideas from my life with you! A new blog will appear every month! It is an honor to serve the children, teens, adults, and their families at Sing Orthodontics in Round Rock and Lakeway, Texas.

With affection and love,
Yashu Singh, BDS, DDS, MS
Founder and owner,
Sing Orthodontics