Finding the right Round Rock Orthodontist shouldn’t be hard. You’re looking for a practice that is near to you, values your time, offers flexibility so that it fits into your life (and not the other way around, and provides the highest-quality services available.

At Sing Orthodontics, we get that. We’ve built a practice to make accessing our services as easy as possible. Learn about everything we offer, below.

1. Invisalign

Invisalign is not only the hottest thing in braces, but it’s the most efficient too. They’re see-through teeth aligners that you can take out to eat, brush your teeth, and switch out when you’re ready to move down a size.

They’re convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and their effectiveness is backed by clinical research.

Due to Invisalign’s popularity, there have been competitors on the market in recent years. Specifically, a few brands of “at-home” teeth aligner kits.

These are not as safe as having your braces journey watched over by a licensed Orthodontist. In fact, those companies have faced lawsuits in the past years for doing permanent damage to clients’ teeth.

Don’t let the low price point of those competitors fool you. We offer payment plans so that everyone can afford their best smile yet, in the safest way possible.

2. Payment Plans

We understand that not everyone has dental insurance or medical insurance that includes it. If your insurance doesn’t cover Orthodontist visits or you’re uninsured, we’re still happy to work with you.

We’ll create a payment plan with you that works for your budget until your balance is paid in full.

3. Virtual Consultlatations

Sometimes getting an appointment at a medical office can take months. Then, once you get there, you learn that the appointment was just a consultation and you have to wait another few weeks for your first appointment.

That wastes your precious time and we don’t do that at Sing Orthodontists. Instead, we offer virtual consultations and same-day appointments whenever possible.

We even offer online scheduling at all three of our locations, for maximum convenience. Just fill out the form, let us know your availability, and you’ll be on your way to an appointment.

This way you can get started on your journey to a brighter, more confident smile immediately and have more time to live your life.

4. Complementary Imaging

There’s a reason that some children get braces in late elementary school, while others don’t start until high school — everyone’s adult teeth come in at different times.

So if you come in for imaging and it turns out your child isn’t quite ready for braces yet, or if you come in for yourself and we find you’re not a good fit, then there’s no reason for you to pay.

Offering free consultations is important to us and our commitment to making quality dental care accessible to our Texas community.

5. Adult Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists estimated that in 2014, almost 30% of all people seeking braces were adults. That’s a huge uptick – which is likely due to the invention and popularization of Invisalign.

Invisalign has made it possible for adults who need braces to get them, without looking like they’re in high school. And while Invisalign isn’t for everyone, they work for most people.

Want to know if Invisalign is a good fit for you? We offer virtual consultations, so we can take a look at your smile before you come in, to give you an idea of what kind of adult braces we think are right for you.

6. Spanish Speaking Appointments

We know that not everyone speaks English and that oftentimes, medical appointment translations fall to bilingual children. We want to reduce that burden, so kids can be kids.

Whether it’s you who needs Spanish services or your parent, we are happy to provide them. We have nurses and administrative staff who are native Spanish speakers, for your convenience.

Everyone deserves dental care, no matter what language they speak. To request services in Spanish, all you have to do is call and ask.

Todos merecen cuidado dental, sin importar el idioma que hablen. Para solicitar servicios en español, todo lo que tiene que hacer es llamar y preguntar.

7. Covid-Aware Care

As a medical clinic, we are highly aware of COVID-19, how it’s transmitted, and how devastating it’s been to our community.

Since we work in such close quarters with people’s mouths, it’s always been routine for us to wear mouth and eye coverings when working in and around our patients.

To increase safety, we now require all staff to wear masks and have asked our patients to social distance in the waiting rooms. We also clean with EPA-approved products and encourage our clients to wear masks, when possible, inside our facility.

We take the health and safety of you and our staff seriously. Those are just a few of our COVID-19 policies. For the full list, click here.

8. Reward Program for Patients of All Ages

We know that coming in regularly to get your braces tightened or changed is tiring. Especially for kids or teens who don’t want to be wearing them in the first place. So, to counteract the amount of whining parents hear when it’s time for a check-up, we’ve created a reward program.

Kids can check off certain braces-related tasks and earn points for prizes and real-world gift cards. Playing is a no cost to you!

9. Virtual Sing Monitoring

Not only do we do virtual consultations, but we allow virtual check-ins with Sing Monitoring, too! We’ll provide you with everything you need to monitor your progress from your phone at your first appointment.

That means fewer trips to the office and more time for your daily activities. To see a video on how Sing Monitoring works, click here.

10. Three Locations to Serve You

The Austin area is growing and we are lucky to have three different locations to serve you. There’s one in Round Rock, one in Lakeway, and one in Sunset Valley. All locations have online scheduling and our staff will confirm what location you’re making an appointment with on the phone.

Your Austin Area Round Rock Orthodontist Can’t Wait to See You!

Orthodontics is our entire life here, but it shouldn’t be yours. We’ve built our practice to be as efficient and respectful of your time as possible, while still giving you five-star service.

Ready to become a new patient at our Round Rock Orthodontist practice? Our consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose. Schedule an appointment online, here.